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Related Publications

*The following related publications are authored by one or more members of our research team or research advisory committee.

Antwi-Boasiako, K., Fallon, *B., King, B., Trocme, N., & Fluke, J. (2022). Understanding

the overrepresentation of Black children in Ontario's child welfare system: perspectives from child welfare workers and community service providers. Child Abuse & Neglect, 123, 105425.


*Bergen, H., & Abji, S. (2020). Facilitating the Carceral Pipeline: Social Work’s Role in

Funneling Newcomer Children From the Child Protection System to Jail and Deportation. Affilia, 35(1), 34–48. 

*Bhuyan, R., Yoon, K., & Valmadrid, L. (2020). Family reunification as an earned right: a

framing analysis of migrant workers’ pathways to neoliberal multicultural citizenship in Canada. New Political Science, 42(4), 558-577.

Edwards, T., McManamna, N., & *King, B. (2023). The absence of language: a critical race

discourse analysis of Ontario's child welfare legislation and the impacts on Black families. Child Abuse & Neglect, 143, 106249.

Schmidt, C., *Bhuyan, R., & *Lash, R. (2022). Transnational Family Separation among

Migrant Women in Canada: An Intersectional Analysis. Social Work Research, 46(4), 304-316.

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