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Child Welfare & Advocacy Resources (ON) 



Moving Forward Family Services

Moving Forward targets underserved communities and people in Canada to bring mental health services for people who cannot afford the high costs of private therapy and are also turned away from public services. 

Child Welfare and Immigration Centre for Excellence (CWICE) or or 1-905-363-6131 (ext. 2222)

CWICE helps children, youth, and families involved in child welfare services in Ontario by assisting with immigration status or settlement issues, providing guidance for citizenship eligibility, and connecting people to immigration lawyers or settlement services. CWICE also provides a list of other relevant community resources that can offer their support.   

Collective of Child Welfare Survivors (CCWS)

CCWS offers support for child welfare survivors (15-25 years old) and their families by connecting people to appropriate resources and services, campaigning and organizing, and facilitating knowledge growth and healing for child welfare survivors (12-25 years old). Particular attention is given to Black, Indigenous, and racialized individuals.

One Vision One Voice (Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies) or

OVOV is a program led by the African-Canadian community aimed at improving the Canadian child welfare system through policy, connecting with grassroots organizations for community empowerment and knowledge exchange, and offering culturally relevant support for African-Canadian children and youth in care.

Pape Adolescent Resource Centre (PARC)

PARC supports youth/former youth in care from the age of 15 to build the skills and find the support necessary to become self-sufficient and transition to adulthood. 

StepStones for Youth

StepStones provides preventative intervention programs for low-income youth and young adults (6-24 years old) who have experienced unstable home lives and contact with child protection and/or legal systems. 

British Columbia

Representative for Children and Youth (RCY) or 1-800-476-3933

RCY seeks to improve services in BC for vulnerable children and youth by privately connecting people to the Representative's advocates. Advocates can provide information about legal rights and available services, help make a complaint, direct children and youth to more suitable connections, and find people to speak on behalf of children and youth reaching out. 

Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks (FBCYIN)

FBCYIN is a non-profit organization that seeks to help youth (14-24 years old) in BC who are or have accessed services from the Ministry of Children and Family Development and Delegated Aboriginal Agencies sometime between the ages of 0-19. Offers programs, resources, and financial support to help improve young people's lives. 

West Coast LEAF – Child Welfare Advocacy Communities in Practice

This project aims to build spaces of advocacy for families involved in the family policing (or child welfare) system. Through listening to the knowledge and wisdom of Indigenous leaders, Elders, families, and child and family well-being advocates, they intend to transform the system to one that will help Indigenous families, children, and communities thrive. 

Aunt Leah's Place

Aunt Leah's Place helps youth in foster care from becoming homeless and vulnerable mothers from losing their children. Through providing guidance, housing, job training, and life skill coaching, they assist young people in becoming self-sufiicient. 

BC Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect

The Handbook provides information on child welfare practices in the province. This resource may ensure service providers in BC are aware of  the laws and government policies relevant to service delivery.

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