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Legal Clinics and Legal Information


Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC)

BLAC is a non-profit community legal clinic that provides a range of legal services and assistance related to experiences with anti-Black racism in education law, employment law, housing law, human rights, income assistance, and police complaints.  

CLEO – Steps to Justice

Steps to Justice helps people access legal information and assistance in Ontario. Legal questions in areas such as abuse and family violence, employment and work, human rights, refugee law, immigration law, etc. can be answered. 

Justice for Children and Youth or 416-920-1633  or 1-866-999-5329 (toll-free) 

Justice for Children and Youth provides legal services for young people (18 years and under) and homeless youth (25 years and under). 

South Asian Legal Clinic Ontario (SALCO) or 416-487-6371

SALCO provides advice, services, and legal representation for low-income South Asian communities in the areas of housing law, employment law, family law, income assistance, gender-based violence, and human rights. 

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British Columbia

Immigration and Refugee Legal Clinic

The Immigration and Refugee Legal Clinic provides free legal support for low-income people and families dealing with immigration or refugee legal issues. Supports include legal advice and information, representation, and litigation. 

Migrant Workers Centre (MWC)

MWC is a non-profit organization that focuses on legal advocacy for migrant workers in BC, providing legal education, advice, and representation. 

Society for Children and Youth of BC – Child and Youth Legal Clinic or 778-657-5544 or toll free at 1-877-462-0037

The Child and Youth Legal Centre helps children and youth (up to 19 years old*) in BC advance their legal rights by advocating on their behalf. 

*The Centre notes that they may be able to help those older than 19 if the legal problem began before turning 19. 

Rise Women's Legal Centre or

Rise is a community legal clinic and teaching facility for women and gender-diverse women in BC to provide legal services for those who face barriers to accessing legal help. Clients include those who are economically disadvantaged, members of marginalized groups, and people seeking protection from family violence.

Multi-lingual Orientation Service Association for Immigrant Communities (MOSAIC)

Originating in British Columbia, MOSAIC helps newcomers settle into Canada by providing employment, settlement, and language services. MOSAIC is one of Canada's settlement non-profit organizations.

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